Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Best Nude Lip Liners for Fair Skin: Mac Naked Liner, Mac In Synch Lip Liner, Urban Decay Native Lip Pencil, Urban Decay Naked Lip Pencil

Mac Naked Liner, Mac In Synch, Urban Decay Native, Urban Decay Naked lip pencil

Nude lip colours are hard to find no matter what your skin tone is. I'm pale (NC10) with pigmented lips, and these are the best colours I've found for cancelling out red and purple tones without washing me out too much.

Bare lips:

Mac In Synch lip liner (pale peach):

Urban Decay Native lip pencil (pale neutral-cool pink, more muted, 'dustier' than In Synch):

Urban Decay Naked lip pencil (warm beigey pink):

Mac Naked Liner lip liner (pale beige):

These are all creamy, matte, highly pigmented shades that wear well. Urban Decay Naked lip liner is the most natural looking on me. Mac Naked liner looks a bit weird on its own, but it's the best for cancelling out my lip colour because it's closest to my skin tone.

Mac In Synch lip liner and Urban Decay Native lip liner are wearable, but they're pale enough that the rest of my makeup has to look a bit 'healthier' to avoid the nude-lip corpse look. Mac In Synch is good for a matte pale peach 1960s lip.

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