Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Nars Eyeshadow Singles Review and Swatches: Persia, Strada, Night Breed

Left to right: Night Breed, Persia, Strada
Nars Persia is a burnt orange matte. It varies in colour from bright orange to warm orange-brown, depending on the lighting it's in.

Nars Strada is a cool lavender purple with warm gold shimmer in it. This two-tone effect is very visible in the pan but hard to capture on eyes; it's more of a subtle purple, even over primer.

Nars Night Breed is a matte dark black with silver glitter. This looks more glittery in the pan than it does on eyes. I actually like how sparse the glitter is because it catches the light, but still looks like a matte black shadow from most angles. Urban Decay Creep is almost similar but has more shimmer, making it look more like a shimmery dark gray than a black.

All three colours were highly pigmented and easily blendable.

Nars Persia, Nars Strada, Nars Night Breed Eyeshadows: Photos
(All photos taken in daylight unless otherwise noted.)

Left to right: Persia, Strada, Night Breed
Nars Persia
Nars Persia (plus taupe in the crease)
Nars Persia in artificial (indoor) lighting
Nars Strada
Nars Strada (built up as much as possible; the gold still barely shows up)
Nars Strada
Nars Night Breed
Nars Night Breed  
Nars Night Breed compared to Urban Decay Creep
Nars Night Breed compared to Urban Decay Creep

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