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Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Delight, Angelika, Norma: Reviews and Swatches

Nars Turkish Delight, Nars Angelika, Nars Norma

Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss is a pale, shimmery, semi-sheer peach pink lipgloss. It lightens my natural lip colour and can be built up or layered over concealer for a paler effect. I find it easy to get an even layer on the lips that stays in place, no matter how much I use. The gloss is non-sticky, has a mild plasticky scent, and wears for 1-2 hours. Note: This is the 2013 version, not the new formulation.

If you want slightly paler, glossier lips then I would recommend this product. However, it is sheer enough that it won't give you a solid pale pink effect unless you layer it with something more opaque.

Dupes: L'oreal Colour Riche Le Gloss in Baby Blossom is often named as a dupe, but it is much more sheer. They are the same pale peach colour but the L'oreal gloss has virtually no pigment. There is a similarly coloured pale peach Laura Mercier gloss too, but it is also very sheer. The Nars gloss has high pigment and a thicker consistency that looks and wears much better. If you are going for this look, I would recommend the Nars gloss as it's the most buildable in pigmentation and so it's the most versatile.

Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Delight: Photos

Bare lips:

Nars Turkish Delight (1 layer):

Nars Turkish Delight (2 layers):

Nars Angelika lipgloss in  is a light-medium, strongly blue-toned pink lipgloss with fine gold and silver glitter. The glitter is subtle in most lighting, but it lasts longer than the pink colour, so it becomes more obvious after the gloss has been worn for a while or wiped off. The texture is thick but non-sticky and non-gritty - the glitter is barely perceptible. There is no obvious scent. I really like this lipgloss, I like how it can be built up from a natural, sheer layer to a more dramatic, sparkly look.

Dupes: Nars Roman Holiday Sheer Lipstick is similar, but more neutral (less blue-toned) and has smaller shimmer instead of glitter. It's also a glossy-finish lipstick instead of a lipgloss.

Nars Lipgloss in Angelika: Photos

One layer:

Two layers:

Nars Norma lipgloss is a semi-opaque neutral red lipgloss. There is no shimmer or sparkle in it, but it does have a reflective, crystalline shine that almost looks like shimmer in strong lighting. It can be built up from a sheer, natural red tint to an almost opaque bright red. It is slightly blue-based but looks like a neutral red when worn, even over my blueish-purple natural lip colour.

There is no obvious scent or taste, and minimal stickiness. I find this a very wearable red on my fair skin, because the translucency makes it look more natural than an opaque red lipstick would. Translucent reds are easy to wear and look natural on any skin tone.

Dupes: I haven't tried either but Chanel Exces and Revlon Fatal Apple look like similar products.

Nars Lipgloss in Norma: Photos:

One layer:

Two layers:

In general, Nars lipgloss is my favourite formulation and it's the only type of lipgloss I like to wear. Every other brand I've tried has been too strongly scented, too sheer, or just not the right texture. In contrast, Nars lipglosses are highly pigmented (but buildable in intensity), comfortable to wear (no sliding around on lips), and the shade selection is well thought out.

Please note -- These are not the 2014 reformulated versions. Turkish Delight and Angelika are still available in the new formula; Temptalia has an old formulation/new formulation comparison post here.

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