Sunday, 20 April 2014

Red Lipstick Comparison Post: Best Red Lipsticks for Fair Skin

Left to Right: Revlon Siren, Revlon Fire and Ice, Nars Red Square, Nars Moscow, Mac Russian Red, Revlon Blackberry, Revlon Va Va Violet.

Red lipstick is a bold look on fair skin and while it can be striking, reds that are too dark, too opaque, or the wrong tone can easily look clownish. Here are some reds that I find work best on me. I have cool, blue undertones and fair skin (NW10/Nars Siberia in foundation).

Blue-toned reds look the most natural on me, but although they blend in with my colouring, I don't find they enhance it. Warm, orange-toned reds stand out the most against my colouring, and tend to look the most artificial, although the colour clash can create an interesting look. Brown-toned reds look semi-natural on me, and I find them the most flattering with my eye colour (hazel) and complexion.

I think it's good to know what works best on you, but it shouldn't necessarily stop you from wearing the colours you like.

Red Lipstick and Dark Lipstick Comparison Photos:
All photos taken in natural daylight, on cool-toned, fair NW10 skin

Revlon Siren Lipstick:
(Light orange-red, semi-glossy finish, review here)

Nars Red Square Velvet Matte Pencil:
(Light-medium orange-red, matte finish)

Revlon Fire and Ice Lipstick:
(Light neutral-to-warm red, semi-glossy finish, review here)

Nars Moscow Pure Matte Lipstick:
(medium brown-toned red, matte finish, review here)

Mac Russian Red Lipstick:
(medium-dark blue-toned red, satin finish, review here

Revlon Blackberry Lipstick:
(dark brown-toned red, semi-glossy finish, review here)

Revlon Va Va Violet:
(dark purple with brown and blue tones, semi-glossy finish, review here)

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