Saturday, 3 May 2014

Review: The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro

The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (2011) is okay for technical tips but not a good source of inspiration for looks.

Almost every look has orange foundation, white frosty shadow and a heavy dose of "healthy" blush, sometimes paired with brownish lipstick:

she looked better before
she also looked better before
If anything, this book made me want to wear less makeup.
I agree with the view (which I first saw here on xovain) that eyeshadow should generally darken the area around you eyes to bring out contrast. White eyeshadow and excessive concealer don't enhance anything -- people naturally have some darkness around the eyes anyway so it looks odd to cover it up.
However, makeup is a matter of taste and I can respect that Bobbi Brown has a signature look, even if I don't like it. Where the book goes past questionable advice and into the realm of the WTF is when Bobbi Brown tries to create other looks:

"an Amy Winehouse look"
Actual Amy Winehouse

Apart from the hair and attitude being crucial elements of this look, the makeup is also not even close.

The book also features "geisha" and "tribal" looks on models of colour. In conclusion, don't bother with this book.

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